Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coffee Vacation

It would seem that I have squandered nearly an entire gorgeous Saturday frantically running errands and have not had even one single cup 'a joe today. As I am sure you can understand, I am about to remedy this dilemma very soon!
That is neither here nor there, however. I have been thinking about researching possible destinations to have a vacation based around coffee. Of course, I would make other stops to see the sites and all that, but the purpose of this vacation would be focused on all things coffee. I have been a homebrewer for several years now and met people who have done similar vacations based on beer (and read about many more similar beer-cations). I might stop at some of my favorite breweries if they are near any of my destinations, but I dont think I would go out of my way to visit a brewery. I haven't begun to look into this yet, but I hope to have some time this weekend to start looking into it. I will be posting my findings and thoughts on the matter soon and if you have any suggestions, ideas, or advice, I would love for you to leave them in a comment!


  1. Great idea! For cafes, you might use my coffee-shops page as a starting point:
    From there you can link to a page on roasters. Personally, I think that you could find a lot of interesting destinations in North Carolina or in Massachusetts. Minnesota also has a growing number of interesting roasters.

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