Friday, November 4, 2011

I Was Running

...a bit behind this morning, but lucked out and noticed there was not a line at a favorite java dive. Naturally, I could not resist and so I took a moment to indulge. As I waited for my undeserved and over-priced delicious treat, I flipped through the channels on the radio (I still refuse to upgrade the auto entertainment.... seems a waste if I'm not in my car that much, but I digress). All that I could find was morning DJs cackling too much and trying desperately to be funny and, of course, commercials. I finally settled for NPR. Whatever they were talking about got me to daydreaming and contemplating things. One thought led to another and another when it occurred to me that there is a great deal of requiescence that can be found in being unrecognized. Not in the sense of not being recognized for one's hard work or achievements, but rather in the sense of being able to just sit back, blend in, and not be noticed. Whether it is sought out or not, finding a little "me time" is always a welcome reprieve in my book.
I suppose that, like most people, I'm just ready for a vacation. Ready to find myself sipping an undeserved and over-priced delicious treat at some little street corner café with no one around to remind me of deadlines and no particular place to be... surely I am not alone on this!

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